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Suggest Good Keyword list, Title and Description for my website?

Discussion in 'SEO' started by Patrick47, Mar 3, 2017.

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    I have tried all the methods from online to offline for keyword research nothing has worked for me so far, however my seo rankings sucks big time. I'm been fooled by many seo companies so I do not trust them, can anyone please a request from bootom of my heart review my website www.androidtoptips.com and suggest me some good keywords that can rank well on google and bing search engines.

    At the moment I'm using this below details but I'm afraid no good luck with seo:

    head title : AndroidTopTips: Android Tips, Tricks And Tutorials (50 characters)

    description : AndroidTopTips blog helps you find a lot of useful tips, tricks, tutorials for Android phone, including how to guides, whatsapp tips, facebook tips & android apps. (163 characters)

    keywords : androidtoptips, android apps, android phone, android tablet, android tips and tricks, android tutorial, android how to, whatsapp tips, facebook tips, mobile tricks

    Suggest Only Good Keyword list, Title, and Description
    Please only help me with best list of keywords, title and discription for my domain name, that can boost my website traffic and seo rankings

    Any kind of help is much appreciated
    Kind Regards,
    Patrick47, Mar 3, 2017 IP
  2. rajkumar mudaliyar

    rajkumar mudaliyar Member

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    For keywords kindly go through Google Adwords.
    Description: AndroidTopTips is one best stop to know everything about android.We offer a complete package of information about android right from tricks, tips to games, latest apps etc.
    rajkumar mudaliyar, Mar 6, 2017 IP
  3. indiainteract01

    indiainteract01 Greenhorn

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    Use google keywords planner for keywords.......
    indiainteract01, Jun 24, 2017 IP