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Successful Facebook Ad Strategy

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by binknon7, Nov 13, 2013.

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    Let me start with two things:

    1). I'm not big into "social media". I do not embrace it.

    2). In my niche, both on the actual client representation side of things AND in the coaching/training other tax professionals side of things, PPC has always been a gigantic money s**** for me.

    With that said, I got restless one night while visiting Scotland in early July, and ended up playing with Facebook ads and found something that's working *very* well for me. I've promoted it from "marketing test" to an ongoing, regular part of my marketing matrix.

    I'm sure this is nothing profound, and probably not even new. But I'm experiencing an opt-in rate of over 70% with it, and a sales conversion rate of about 8% with it, which I consider great. Since these are opt-ins, that conversion rate will improve with time, also.

    So here's what I'm doing. Hopefully this can be useful to somebody else.

    1). Scour Facebook for the really popular pages that your target market "likes". For me, this happens to actually be the trade associations that loosely define my industry, such as the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the National Association of Enrolled Agents (that's what I am), etc.

    2). Create a piece of high-quality, evergreen, extremely helpful and useful piece of content on your site that your target market would readily absorb.

    3). Create a lightbox popup opt-in box offering an awesome free resource in exchange for the opt-in. I'm using an Aweber lightbox with a 10 second delay, and I repackaged some existing content to create a "Marketing 101" course that I give away in exchange for the opt-in.

    4). Run right side Facebook PPC ad pointing to the piece of cornerstone content in step 2. I am NOT linking to a FB page -- it's a direct link to the offsite blog post.

    5). My FB ad basically just says the title of the blog post. It literally just says "Learn 5 things you need to start doing in your tax practice TODAY to be more successful."

    6). I had no cool images to use, so I literally just used the cover image from one of my Kindle books.

    7). Set Facebook ad targeting to people that "liked" those targeted pages you found in step 1.

    8). I'm using PPC instead of pay-per-impression, and I set my max bid to exactly half of what Facebook suggested.

    9). Collect underpants (I mean, opt-ins).
    10). Profit!

    I'm changing the ad target every couple weeks (I write new blog posts nearly every day), just to keep it fresh for the people that see the ad over and over. And that's pretty much it. Facebook is now my 4th biggest traffic source (after emails, Google, and direct mail).

    Hope this helps somebody! If you've got any suggestions for improving on this, I'm all ears. I'll also share any tweaks or other things I find along the way on this new-to-me method. :D
    binknon7, Nov 13, 2013 IP