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Subscriptions to Sub-Forums

Discussion in 'Forum Management' started by bshearer, Jun 26, 2014.

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    I do not own a forum but I am a Moderator of an existing niche site. So my knowledge of many forum features I am cluess.

    Here is what I would love to have.

    First, this would be a VERY small user group in an established programming niche.

    I would like to add a subscription based forum to my training site (which is Wordpress based running Wishlist as the membership software). Upon signing up & paying for a sub-forum that customer would be setup.

    This sub-forum would be visible to me and that member BUT not the other members.

    Why would I want this?

    Not everyone is comfortable with sharing their experiences or ideas when it comes to learning something new. Right now I end up running this part via the company's PM system which is not mine.

    Is there such an animal like this? Hopefully it would be affordable too.

    bshearer, Jun 26, 2014 IP
  2. bshearer

    bshearer Active Member

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    I did go to XenForo and look at their since DP uses that. I noticed when I clicked on the Demo that it creates s forum just for me to play with.

    This is the closet in terms of functionality that I have seen that would be close to what I am looking for. In essence I would want that to be for all of my users. An independent area to keep complete projects seperated from other members.

    My initial version was a setup of WP in a sub-domain but it was VERY clunky and not reliable during the generating phase. I remain hopeful that there is a forum solution.

    bshearer, Jun 26, 2014 IP