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Submit .xml Site Map In Google

Discussion in 'Google Sitemaps' started by lister, Jul 6, 2005.

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    It is all webmasters dream to have their site
    listed in Google Search engine as quickly as
    possible and for most fanatic ones, getting to
    the top is a must!

    Heard of submitting your site map in Google
    SiteMap program currently still in beta?

    I've tried to search in this forum for such
    similar topic cos I'm afraid duplicating the
    same topic does not do any good.

    If there is any, please 're-enact' this topic
    to the respective threads...

    Okay, in a hurry, this what I did to submit
    my site map in Google SiteMap program.

    First of all you need to have a Gmail account.
    Using your Gmail user name, log into this link;

    Submit your site map in .xml format. In a few
    hours or sooner, your site map submission status
    turns "OK", means, it has been indexed.

    The problem is, many webmasters (I'm not
    spared either), don't know much about XML
    format even tho the tutorials for this language
    has already been available on the net.

    But I want to give you a pleasant experience
    with just some clicks from your mouser.

    First, submit your website to www.addme.com
    for free.

    At the end of a submission, a ROR.xml format
    for your site will be shown to you.
    (Generally, it will look like this,

    Open the source code for that ROR.xml of
    your site. Copy/paste onto a notepad.

    Adjust a few lines describing the port-folio
    of your site map.

    Save the notepad in .xml format.

    Upload your ror.xml file on to your server.
    (Your probable site map will be as such;

    Finally, submit it to the Google SiteMap program.

    That's it!

    If you would like to have a software or any
    sort of .xml formattting, Mark Hendriks has
    information for you in good-will;
    lister, Jul 6, 2005 IP
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    Try the search function on this forum for more information.
    ServerUnion, Jul 6, 2005 IP