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Selling Stunning RECIPE website - 700+ Recipes/Videos, Amazon Shop - 100% Automated

Discussion in 'Sites' started by Terry Besnon, Jun 19, 2015.

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    This is Starter Website with 100% auto updated, no maintenance required - Amazon store integrated - No experience required.

    Beautifully design recipes website.
    100% Automatic self updating. Make money with affiliates - Amazon,Clickbank, CJ, Google Adsense, & more. User friendly.

    Ever heard of AllRecipes.com? FoodNetwork.com? Food.com? What about Chow.com? Well..I introduce you to LatestRecipes247.com - this Recipe Video/Articles website is filled with content including over 600 recipe videos and an Amazon Kitchen Shop and Recipes eBooks. There is an incredible potential here!

    I'm sure you are well aware that recipe websites are popular. Take a look at AllRecipes.com, over 25 million visitors go to this site every month! That means, there’s no shortage of people looking for recipe tips and tutorials.
    In addition, the kitchen and accessories category in Amazon is one of the top selling categories and you can take part of that by having your own Amazon Kitchen Shop.

    Food niche is an all year demand. You can meet this demand with your own Recipe Video website with an Amazon Kitchen Shop.


    • 100% Ready Amazon Shop - Never have to update inventory or prices.
    • 100% Fully Automated Videos - You won’t have to worry about new content. Comes with a custom plugin with your own license.
    • Simple Wordpress Platform - The website is user friendly to maintain and operate.
    • SEO Friendly - Search engine optimized so Google and other search engines can easily crawl and indexed your website which will drive traffic to your site.
    • Important Pages - Completely comes with all the important pages such as About Us, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, DMCA, and Contact Us so you are ready to go.
    • Easy to use Advertising Banner Management - You can quickly add, change, or delete banner advertising. It’s as simple as copy and paste. No coding.

    - A 100% auto-pilot video/Articles website with great potential
    - An exceptionally designed website
    - A Very unique and Brandable Domain name
    - Custom made logo and matching design
    - Free domain transfer to your account
    - Free website transfer to your hosting
    - Awesome after sale support
    Terry Besnon, Jun 19, 2015 IP
  2. mike4uuu

    mike4uuu Active Member

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    From where do you get the contents and images!

    Any copy right issue ! are you using a autoblog plugin ? if yes what about the content copyright issue !
    mike4uuu, Jun 24, 2015 IP
  3. danko6

    danko6 Active Member

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    traffic ?
    danko6, Jul 4, 2015 IP