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Struggling w/ low conversion rate, feedback on site welcomed.

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by MAEZU, Jan 21, 2019.

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    Hi everyone,

    We have recently launched our online shop at https://www.maezu.com

    Using a mix of Google & Bing Ads, SEO and Affiliates, we send a healthy amount of traffic to the site. However, conversion rate has been terrible and below 0.005%.
    We're sending traffic to either our category pages or the actual product page.

    Customers don't seem to stay on the page for too long and only browse 1-2 pages on average.

    I was hoping to get some advice from the community to see if there's something fundamentally wrong with our site and what we can improve?

    Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks so much!
    MAEZU, Jan 21, 2019 IP
  2. Ay3sha

    Ay3sha Active Member

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    Hi Maezu,

    If you are spending money and effort on the Paid Marketing and Affiliate and successful in driving traffic towards your website. I'd suggest you to use the tools like optinmonster to set optins on your website and increase you mailing lists. By this way you can retarget those subscribers through Email Marketing and that would be beneficial for you in the longer run. Moreover you should use the tools like pageview.com to track and monitor each session on any particular page where you want the visitors to perform some action and see how they are behaving and maybe that can help you in figuring out about the bounce/exit rate.
    Ay3sha, Nov 26, 2019 IP
  3. Vladimir Petrovic

    Vladimir Petrovic Peon

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    Hi there,
    I don't know if this is still an active thread, but I will reply anyway, might be helpful if it is still active.

    Your website is all about blog posts and they are nice. I've learned some cool things about shoes, their main parts, and designs. Fine illustrations in the article! But I can't see the link to the shop anywhere on the site. I wasn't sure if it was a shop at all, until I saw a link to a product inside one of the blog articles. Also, not all articles link to the shop (or to a product in the shop). If you are selling products, you should put the link to the shop in the main menu, together with main categories, tags etc. There are no recent posts in the blog. Do you still run the site, or you gave up on it? Great content can only help your store performance. You really should continue creating and publishing content in order to attract more visitors and reduce the bounce rate. Content is one of the strong retaining factors.

    Site is made in WordPress and shopping cart is WooCommerce. Images are very nice. Store design is lean and ituitive. Looking at the store itself, how good it looks like, it is a pity that you made it so hard for site visitors to find it. Also, it misses a Pop-up for capturing visitors and converting them into subscribers. This way you would create your audience for email marketing, one of the strongest retaining marketing channels. Sending automated emails and campaigns to a segmented list of subscribers may bring you up to 50% of the total store revenue. This number comes from years of experience in strategically owning hundreds of email marketing channels for eCommerce brands worldwide.

    So, is it enough just to bring traffic to the site. No, not really. It would also be interesting to see the type of ads you are using, how you do your promotions, how you target your audience. Relevance of your advertising methods is important. It should reflect the real user experience that a visitor gets on your site.

    What you need to do is revisit the strategy and talk to marketing professionals. From the first look, there is a lot to do to improve your marketing strategy and execution. To start, you should create that Pop-up (try Privy or JustUno for example), start capturing subscribers and sending emails to them on a regular basis. This you may do via an ESP like MailChimp, but much better with Klaviyo or Drip for example. You can measure very precisely the results of your efforts in the ESP and correct your errors and mistakes along the way. However, this is a process, so you have to be consistent and thorough.
    Vladimir Petrovic, Jan 20, 2020 IP