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Struggling to get your business seen in Facebook?

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by David Holland, Feb 24, 2018.

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    Facebook marketing local businesses is all about the offer you create, your offer must stand out from your competitors
    Getting them through the door is your focus. Once in, its your job to create a amazing experience to make sure they return again, loyal clients. The first sale shouldn't be your focus, you need to think how much is that client worth to your business. You need to work out Lifetime Value of your loyal clients.

    If one loyal client is worth £600 to your business over 12 months for example (can be worth thousands if client stays with you for years) How much upfront investment would you pay to acquire a loyal client?

    You see you would actually pay for this. But most think about the first sale and not actually thinking you should be the one paying out instead, you do this by offering freebies and offers that simply outweigh your competitors offers by far. This gets them in the door. You prove your services and in return you're rewarded in the long run. This is the way to acquire clients and find loyal clients!
    David Holland, Feb 24, 2018 IP
  2. dlassociates

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    Thanks for the tip! I know for us, the problem isn't being seen on Facebook - it's how to actually reel in the customer for the purchase. We sell in a saturated market, and our niche is our quality customer service. It's hard to prove that on FB, but much easier for us to sell over the phone.
    dlassociates, Mar 7, 2018 IP