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Buying Strong PHP Developer with some Web Design - Ongoing PERMANENT requirement

Discussion in 'Services' started by thebaron, Jun 10, 2011.

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    Strong and quick PHP developer needed anywhere in the world.

    I'm in need of a permanent technical assistant to perform various programming tasks as needed. I estimate you'll work an average of 3-4 hours per day on an ongoing basis. Occasionally there may be gaps of a few days, but equally occasionally you'll need to work for solid days to finish a job. You can work from your own location.

    Skills: PHP, Ajax, Jasvascript.
    Ideally you'll have some understanding of web design and can take a design from another site and replicate it within reason.

    Personal skills: Honesty. Reliability. Regularity. Mental quickness. You need to be quick at the job, understand someone else's code, and be able to understand the requirement quickly. You will not be able to 'disappear' for a day or several days without letting me know. Of course, if you need to do something or have a break thats fine - you just need to let me know. I'm very flexible but just don't like people being unreliable.

    You'll need to let me know your hourly rate. You won't be doing specific projects - it'll be an hourly rate you'll be working for. I know what should be accomplished in the time, so that will gauge your honesty. Obviously any dishonesty will result in our relationship ending.

    You'll find me easy to work for and very flexible. You can start when you want and finish when you want - but you just need to be quick and reliable.

    I'm in the UK. You can be anywhere.

    Baron Turner
    thebaron, Jun 10, 2011 IP
  2. atinder90

    atinder90 Active Member

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    thanks for hiring me.
    enjoying working with you.
    A++ buyer.
    atinder90, Jun 10, 2011 IP
  3. xInd

    xInd Well-Known Member

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    So is this thread closed then? Let me know if you guys need a hand with anything.
    xInd, Jun 10, 2011 IP