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Buying string encrypter desktop application

Discussion in 'Programming' started by stats, Dec 24, 2019.

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    i need a small desktop application (.exe file, for Windows) to do the following.

    1. open a .csv file (via file-open dialog)
    2. take an input of secret_key and secret_iv (see below)
    3. take an input of the "save-as"
    4. encrypt the first column of CSV and put it as last column (see how many columns there are, add one more column)
    5. save the newly generated CSV (original with 1 added column) in given location.
    6. when i close and reopen the program - it should come back with pre-filled secret_key and secret_iv

    here is the encryption code in PHP, translate it to the language you use
    function myCrypter($string, $secret_key, $secret_iv)
        $encrypt_method = "AES-256-CBC";
        $key = hash('sha256', $secret_key);
        $iv = substr(hash('sha256', $secret_iv), 0, 16);
        $output = base64_encode(openssl_encrypt($string, $encrypt_method, $key, 0, $iv));
        $output = str_replace(['+', '/', '='], '', $output);
        return $output;

    if everything is done correctly - with following keys:
    $secret_key = 'gh356u%#^uj3h5^hertj68eujJUfr';
    $secret_iv = 'I^57ki$^7i#%i3hjryjt';

    the encrypted version of 'hello world' will be:
    please PM me with your price. Payment is paypal as soon as i receive the working version.
    stats, Dec 24, 2019 IP
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  2. happpy

    happpy Well-Known Member

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    i built it for you. check your PM convo
    happpy, Dec 24, 2019 IP
  3. gapz101

    gapz101 Well-Known Member

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    Hi, have you got a working program or still looking for one?
    gapz101, Jan 8, 2020 IP