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strange problem with mssql

Discussion in 'Databases' started by gworld, Oct 10, 2005.

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    I have imported a list of links to MSSQL database with enterprise manager. I use ASP to show the list of links and it's description. Originally I had 8600 links in the database and I have imported 700 new one.
    I have checked in table and all the links exist and the table is indexed on field linkID. My asp script has worked before and there is no problem with it.

    I can still show all the links including the new links and it's descriptions but if I click on an old link, it goes to that site while with new imports, it just opens another example of my site (404 page set to open my index page).
    The link is correct since if I copy it from screen and paste in browser, it opens the page correctly.

    I have removed the index from table and made it again but no difference. There is also an edit function in my script, if I click on it, I will get a message that filed linkID does not exits but it clearly exists in the table and the rest of script is using it.

    Any idea what can cause such strange problem? :confused:
    gworld, Oct 10, 2005 IP