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Strange Activity (dynamic.saudi.net.sa IP?)

Discussion in 'Forum Management' started by morgano, May 10, 2011.

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    My forum (http://www.battlefield3online.com) often has many users with spoofed IP's that end with "dynamic.saudi.net.sa". At one stage there were 150 different users online with different IP's that all pointed back to "dynamic.saudi.net.sa". Everytime this IP is online it's viewing image attachments and nothing else?

    I can't find any information online about "dynamic.saudi.net.sa" abuse on other websites however I do notice it seems to be linked with email SPAM.

    Firstly does anyone know what is happening? (Are they trying to register users in an attempt to spam?) or are they trying to abuse other services within the forum software?
    Also as each visitor has a different IP which resolves to xxx.dynamic.saudi.net.sa how do I go about banning this domain from accessing my website?

    Thanks for your help
    morgano, May 10, 2011 IP