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Buying Storyline creation for mmorpg needed

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by lowridertj, Sep 7, 2010.

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    Looking to hire a storyline creator.

    Genre: *will be explained after creator is chosen*

    We are looking for someone to make a storyline for a mmorpg game script.
    Images will not need to be provided. Just the storyline broke up as follows.

    Jobs / Missions
    -The job name, description of it and any items (equipment needed to perform)

    -Equipment items available for attack, defense, jobs
    -What can be used to send as gifts for marketing and can be used in the storyline could be equipment items

    Assets / Buildings
    -Items that would generate income hourly. These items should relate to the story in a manner that they could live in or own and make them income.

    Overall storyline
    -This should describe the entire story as a whole. This can be read over by the end user to get an idea what to expect.

    Looking for about
    200 jobs / missions
    35-50 equipment
    20-35 gifts
    30-50 assets / buildings

    Need price:
    lead time to complete:
    Previous experience (yes / no):

    We will be looking for someone we can use again as this will be ongoing projects for us and look forward to building a lasting relationship with the storyline creator.

    lowridertj, Sep 7, 2010 IP
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