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Steps to Follow After You Got Your First Client

Discussion in 'Copywriting' started by Laura Lopez, May 15, 2019.

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    Hello beautiful people! I hope you’re having a highly productive day.
    I have a very important request and I hope you can help me with your experience in the copywriting field. But first, let me introduce myself and tell you a bit about my story.
    I’m Laura, from Argentina, and my partner (Federico) and I are probably the hippiest copywriters in this group. We decided to leave our ordinary lives to start travelling and getting to know this world with our own eyes. We’ve been travelling for a year and a half so far doing volunteering jobs, learning a lot about lots of things, and we’d love to continue as long and far as we can.
    That’s how we came across this excellent idea of copywriting (after trying things like selling crafts, food or even fruit juice at the beach), which allows us to work as freelancers while travelling. Even though we never studied marketing or publicity or anything related (I was a lifeguard and a special education teacher and Federico works as a translator), we both love reading and writing a lot and we felt that we could make this work for us. First of all, we decided that we wanted to work with small and not-so-small businesses engaged in selling products or services that are eco-friendly, truly healthy, and non-disposable and that have sustainability as the main value, since those are the things we believe in, and we want to provide our grain of sand from that perspective.
    So we started doing courses online, reading lots of books, blogs and all the information we could find about copywriting, marketing, selling, etc. (in English and Spanish). We also started practising with hypothetical clients, rewriting websites, writing email marketing, etc. We now think we’re ready to start practising at another level, which means that we’d like to help small businesses free of charge so as to learn one of the most important parts of copywriting: dealing with clients.
    Therefore, this is my request (sorry that I made this so long): could you please give me some advice on what are the steps after you have a client? Do you interview the client via skype? What questions do you usually ask? How do you usually handle clients in general?
    Looking forward to reading all your pieces of advice.
    Thank you for reading me, I truly appreciate your help
    Laura Lopez, May 15, 2019 IP