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Selling Stealthy Network - put your website on ranking booster!

Discussion in 'Services' started by mzonas, Aug 18, 2015.



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    Dear Digital Point members,

    I am very pleased to launch my new network - a very powerful network with excellent metrics!

    You probably all know me and if you don't, then I want to let you know that I don't like talking bullshit on my service threads. I will not bother you with the facts and other bullshit to try and sell the service - since you are here, on this thread, you already know why you need blog posts. So I am going to go straight to the point.


    Metrics of the network:



    Here are the packages:

    Package A:

    5 x blog posts - $45
    150 tier 2 links to all 5 blog posts

    Package B:

    10 x blog posts - $77
    300 tier 2 links to all 10 blog posts


    Only 2 packages! Here are the features:
    • Different themes on each blog
    • Unique and native English articles
    • Fast indexation
    • Free Tier 2 links!
    • Different widget configuration
    • Private name servers
    • Different IPs
    • Who.is privacy
    • Images on each post
    • Great metrics!

    Do I need to say more? Sure, here's FAQs:

    Q. Are images allowed?
    A. Yes, I will put image to each post

    Q. How many links per post?
    A. 1 link per post.

    Q. How long do articles stay on the homepage?
    A. Minimum 7 days.

    Q. Is content unique?
    A. Yes, content is 100% copyscape passed and comes from native English writers

    Q. How long are the articles?
    A. ~350 words long each article.

    Q. What is the turn around time?
    A. Up to 10 business days but usually within 3-4 business days.

    Q. Any bulk discounts?
    A. Yes, please contact me regarding bulk discounts.

    Q. I want custom order, can I get one?
    A. Yes, contact me privately.

    Q. I want to order package B, do all 10 URLs need to be in the same niche?
    A. Hell no! You can have 10 different niches if that's what you want.

    Q. Do you allow any niche?
    A. Any niche except usual shady stuff - no illegal, porn or gambling.

    Q. Do you provide reports?
    A. Yes, you will get report after order is finished but no report for tier 2 links.

    Q. What if I have a question?
    A. Leave it here on this thread or email me or drop me a message on skype.


    Discounted review copies available!!! Package A - $25 or package B - $50. 4 review copies available.


    Unannounced bonus:

    Every month, I will take all the published posts and run through massive GSA blast - 100K links will point to the posts, homepages and category pages of the network ... twice a month! This will keep the network always getting stronger as well as your posts will gain more authority over time.


    Refund policy: no refunds after order has been completed. If there is a fuck up on my end, I will either fix it ASAP or refund the money!

    Contact information:

    Digital Point: mzonas
    Skype: ninjaslink.com



    mzonas, Aug 18, 2015 IP
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    Hello, results are in!



    New orders are welcome!


    mzonas, Aug 26, 2015 IP