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Starting as a copywriter in 2019, is it profitable? If It can?

Discussion in 'Copywriting' started by fharaday, Jun 24, 2019.

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    Hey friends:cool:, How are you been today? :(

    here I leave some tips seeing them from the experience I had as copyweiting, where I cried, kicked and hit me many times during my entire learning process.

    Today, here are some tips so that your copywriting takeoff is not as gorrible as mine, I hope you enjoy it.

    Well, in regards to the possibilities you have to earn money in copywriting are very high, but ... a the number of offers of writers that there are currently has given low prices.

    This is the only drawback that there is currently in terms of making money working as a writer. For the rest, there are not many concerns because there is a lot of supply, but there is also an incredible amount of demand in this sector. You can find many job offers on different job websites.
    • In the subforums of in Reddit (forhire, hirewriters)
    • On work exchanges
    • In business/writing forums
    This is a work in high demand nowadays because the phrase "content is king" is very fashionable. And is not for less.

    You can start to get a job perfectly without a blog, but you have to have a portfolio to show the people who want to hire you, here are some tips:

    Create texts with various themes, since you do not like a particular niche, you should start experimenting with several.

    Create texts on different topics such as.
    • The 5 best habits for entrepreneurs
    • How to get visits to Facebook
    • Also about news things in trends ...

    Pro tip: if you do not know where to start writing. Search in those job sites the offers they make about writing and according to those preparing your portfolio. Have one with enough quality in the texts and very varied to start.
    Upload that portfolio to a portfolio site or a storage site in the cloud, and if you are going to save it, put it in pdf format so you can pass it on to your clients and have no problem opening the file.

    Open a blog This is already when you take some more time, but it is something you must do if you want to be seen as a serious writer. You do not necessarily have to pay for a web page or open WordPress. There is a great option currently:


    This is a great site for writers, its very simple to use for anyone just have to enter your mail, join and start writing. It is something to you as a community of writers. I recommend you review it.

    The platform comes with some statistics where you can see how many people have entered your publication, where they came from (facebook, google, twitter, Medium ...) and a complete report of all your publications over time.

    It is completely free :p and its interface is incredibly interactive, it also allows you to make several modifications to your texts. and if you've been a while and want to become professional, the page gives you an option to create a website using its interface.

    You also have the option to migrate all your content to wordpress

    Of course, this is something you can do in the near future when you like a niche and start writing to attract customers.

    Another plus that the medium has is that it is like a social network / community, I mean, you can publish your articles on your Medium page, the web shares it with the other users of the community, thus being very helpful to obtain visits from an easy way

    Another alternative very similar to Medium that you can use to upload your texts for free and have an excellent website as portfolios is ghost. It is quite similar to Medium, many have set it as their most direct competition.

    I still can not tell you much about this platform since I've been using it for a short time, but so far it's been great for me.

    Now with Fiverr. I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT personally, if you are just starting out, Fiverr is a great site, there is no doubt that this is your great proposal to "do anything for 5 dollars"

    The problem is in its huge number of registered users as there is a ridiculous amount of writers offering 6,000 words for 5usd very cheap and compete in this site, especially when nobody knows you in a nightmare.

    So if you are starting, it is not a site that recommends you.

    Now, when you have a good source of customers you can open an account and try sending those customers to Fiverr and have more control with your finances and more security of payment.

    Instead, try to try these work platforms:
    • Freelancer.com
    • peoplepeerhour
    • Guru.com
    • Text broker
    • Problogger.com
    • Constant content
    • And there are many more

    Just find: "freelancer work platforms" or "work as a writer on the web" or "copywriting jobs" "I/we need a copywriter/writer" :(

    As there are also many other platforms, but more specifically that focus on a specific type of content such as legal texts, academic texts, theses ... with a quick search google you will have many results

    Well, there are many more tips but for now I leave you with this, friends of digital point, if you want me to talk a little more about: how to start, how to attract your first customer, how to have a good portfolio .. just let me know.

    this work on the web can be frustrating at first to get customers (I say this from my own experience) but if it is something that you really like to do and you know where to dial well to obtain clients you can get several benefits.

    If you are already a copywriter I would love to know your own advice about this stormy and beautiful world. :p:rolleyes::eek::D


    I hope helps you friends c:

    fharaday, Jun 24, 2019 IP
  2. Spoiltdiva

    Spoiltdiva Illustrious Member

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    Another tip would be to proof`read your content before you post it.;)
    Spoiltdiva, Jun 25, 2019 IP
  3. fharaday

    fharaday Greenhorn

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    OHH, this is what happens when you write at 2:33 a.m. :p
    fharaday, Jun 25, 2019 IP