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ssl for sub-domain on vps

Discussion in 'Security' started by applehost, Aug 11, 2012.

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    A little bit outside of my comfort zone with this.
    I'm working on integrating a site with ecommerce facility through a third-party. In order for the redirect to work properly, the site needs to be running ssl.

    I created a self signed cert for my test site on a sub-domain and seems to have installed fine. However, when I try to hit https://test.subdomain.com I'm getting a 404.

    My server is running CentOS and for the most part I use WHM/cPanel (I'm much more a front-end guy).

    Would appreciate any advice to get this working.

    applehost, Aug 11, 2012 IP
  2. sabrina

    sabrina Active Member

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    Check for the site's algorithm once again, you might have left something! If you have a single domain and multiple subdomains then Wildcard SSL is the right choice.
    sabrina, Aug 13, 2012 IP