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SSL covering whole site - will I be crawled - will I still have my links??

Discussion in 'Security' started by SONIC MINE, Nov 9, 2009.

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    Hello... I have two questions that I really need to figure out before I make a big mistake , so thanks for any information on them.. OK:

    1- I am installing an SSL over my whole site...
    My question is will google crawl and index my site pages as currently only my main page is indexed , and I dont want to just leave it at that...

    2- Originally my name was www.******.co.uk now it will be www.secure.*****.co.uk after the SSL has been installed ( this because I am running this site off a shared hosting server)..
    My question is that I have built up links to www.*****.co.uk but will those links still be valid if the site changes to www.secure.****.co.uk ( you still type in www.*****.co.uk but you will be redirected to www.secure.****.co.uk )?
    Again - Kind Regards - Andy
    SONIC MINE, Nov 9, 2009 IP