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Squidoo Lance !!

Discussion in 'All Other Search Engines' started by solomonbindavid, Mar 22, 2012.

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    What is Squidoo Lance? And how to create Squidoo Lance! I would like all of my SEO friends to tell me about its advantages...
    solomonbindavid, Mar 22, 2012 IP
  2. Ruddo

    Ruddo Member

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    I always thought it was called a Lens is it something new they released?
    Ruddo, Mar 22, 2012 IP
  3. marylandlawoffice

    marylandlawoffice Member

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    SEO Squidoo Lens are Powerful Marketing Tools!

    SEO Squidoo Lens falls within the POWERFUL Web 2.0 promotion and social marketing techniques that can get your website or blog indexed by search engines fast.

    In addition, SEO Squidoo Lens can sometimes help your page rank in Google's Search Engine.

    SEO Squidoo Lens - Do You Have One?

    If you choose to pursue Web 2.0 promotion & social marketing as a way to boost your website(s) and blog(s) presence, then a SEO Squidoo Lens should be number one on your list of "to do's."

    Here are a few Search Engine Optimization Tips - SEO Tips for a Squidoo Lens ...
    SEO Squidoo Lens Tip # 1 ... Choosing the Squidoo URL Extension & Title
    1. Choose the RIGHT URL extension & Title -- If you are writing about how your child has fun with a digital camera (maybe you want to sell them?), instead of a URL & Title like ...

    Digital Camera Fun

    Use instead,

    The Specific Digital Camera Product Name like ...

    squidoo.com / fisher-price-digital-camera OR
    squidoo.com / fisher-price-digital-camera-review

    TITLE: Fisher Price Digital Camera Review by an Authority -- Little "childs name"

    The targetted keyword phrase is ...

    You guessed it didn't you?

    "Fisher Price Digital Camera" OR
    "Fisher Price Digital Camera Review"

    Keep that in mind when we go to SEO Squidoo Lens Tip #2.
    SEO Squidoo Lens Tip #2 - Use the Module Titles! Use the Module SubTitles -- EFFECTIVELY!
    SEO Squidoo Lens Have Good Module Titles & SubTitles Using Your ...
    Targetted Keyword Phrase

    For example, let's continue with the "Fisher Price Digital Camera" ...

    Text Module Title:
    Fisher Price Digital Camera rarely leaves "child's name" hands!

    Text Module Sub - Title:

    "child's name" Walks around with his Fisher Price Digital Camera All Day Long!

    Why are the Titles & Sub-Titles Important?

    Because Search Engines "see" them as "Headings" when they index your SEO Squidoo Lens.

    Using the right Headings on a page can really BOOST your SEO Squidoo Lens in rankings!
    SEO Squidoo Lens Tip #3 -- Images!
    Use Images in your Squidoo Lens ...
    When you use images in your Squidoo Lens, there are three very important things you can and should do to increase Search Enginge Optimization ...

    1. NAME YOUR IMAGE with one of the top keyword phrases you are targeting. -- example: seo-squidoo-lens.gif

    2. USE THE ALT TAG -- in your html code, using the keyword phrases you are targetting -- example: alt="seo squidoo lens".

    3. USE YOUR SITE TO HOST YOUR IMAGE -- instead of an image host -- the image could very well be indexed by google images and show up in google images search engine too!
    SEO Squidoo Lens Tip #4 - Text / Write Modules SEO Keyword Density
    There are two thoughts on SEO Squidoo Lens and Keyword Density
    NOTE: Keyword Density means the percentage of your keyword phrase in regards to total amount of words. For example, if your Lens has 100 words in total and you use your keyword phrase 3 times within the total text, your keyword density is 3%.

    Many lensmasters who specialize in SEO Squidoo Lens advise that "keyword" density of the Text on your lens is not important. They say Google and other SE's will find your squidoo lens on the topic (keyword phrase you are targetting) naturally, if you "write" it naturally.

    Other squidoo lens experts advise making sure your targetted keyword phrase is sprinkled liberally throughout the text in your SEO Squidoo Lens.

    Personally, I try to have at least 2-3% keyword density of my targetted keyword phrase, yet never going over 5%.

    Sometimes, if you are SELLING a particular product on your SEO Squidoo Lens, the keyword density can get mighty high, especially if you are listing several products with the same name!


    It is very simple to check your keyword density on a SEO Squidoo Lens (it is not absolutely exact, yet it will give you a good idea of your kw density within your lens text).

    1. Beginning at the Title of your Lens, Copy onto your clipboard ALL of your lens -- to the bottom.

    2. Go to this FREE Keyword Density Tool [click here]

    3. Paste what your have copied on your clipboard into the Analysis Box. Add your keyword phrase(s) you are targetting in the boxes provided.

    4. This Free Keyword Density Tool will instantly show you the percentage of your keyword phrase(s) you are targetting.
    SEO Squidoo Lens Tip #5 - Add a "Google Blog Search" Module to Your Lens.
    The Google Blog Search Module can help make your Squidoo Lens more SEO friendly. It has "live" links within it, that search engines can read, as opposed to non-live that are in RSS feeds with JAVA.

    If you setup the Google Blog Search Module correctly, the links and descriptions (if you choose to use them), will have your keyword phrase within them, which boosts your SEO.

    To add this module, simply click on the "Add Modules" button at the top of the lens while editing. Then, click on the Search A-Z tab and enter the words "Google Blog Search" in the search box, click "find modules."

    The module should appear -- click add it. I usually have this module at the very end of my lens -- you can arrange it where you think it looks best on your module.

    When you setup the module, make sure you use the keywords you are targetting in the box provided. Check to see what google finds for you. If it is appropriate for your SEO Squidoo Lens, then keep it. If not, then try again with keywords that are close to your lens topic.
    SEO Squidoo Lens Tip #6 - Get Quality Backlinks - Oneway Links to Your Lens!
    One way to boost your Squidoo Lens in Search Engine Rankings is to get quality backlinks to it.

    The more the merrier is the motto for quality backlinks.

    A "quality backlink" is a link from a website that is 100% "white hat", it should be indexed by the search engines and be within the same niche of your Squidoo Lens.

    How do you get quality backlinks? There are numerous ways -- with most of them being very time-consuming.

    There are two fabulous membership sites that are very highly rated that can help you get backlinks. Here is one service that is very affordable:
    marylandlawoffice, Mar 22, 2012 IP
  4. Nezavisim

    Nezavisim Member

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    thanks, interesting article
    but Squidoo then <meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow">
    Nezavisim, Mar 22, 2012 IP
  5. chinasa

    chinasa Peon

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    Thanks for that article, the summary of it all is that Squidoo lens is a marketing tool used for promotion of websites.
    chinasa, Mar 23, 2012 IP
  6. master_mian

    master_mian Well-Known Member

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    Hay Guys,
    Let me tell you something interesting Squidoo lenses, If a lens is published using more than 4 modules and it shows green indexing sign in Squidoo dashboard, IT IS DOFOLLOW.
    Squidoo.com and Hubpages are top most DoFollow Web2.0 sites, Please do some more research on that.
    See that here http://www.squidoo.com/dofollow in List of DoFollow Social Portal Sites Title.
    On the other hand Hubpages make any Hub DoFollow when it gains 75+ score. So, Both sites got reputation and require some effort to allow DoFollow links.
    Hope you understand what I stated.
    Kind Regards !
    master_mian, Mar 26, 2012 IP