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Discussion in 'Databases' started by Lorena Da Silva Pereira, Dec 5, 2019.

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    LOCAR car rental company wants to keep track of its affiliates and their available vehicles.
    A branch has several vehicles. A vehicle can be linked to only one branch. We also know that a vehicle is produced by a manufacturer, which in turn produces several vehicles. Entries must consist of the following attributes:

    Branch: code, name, address (street, number, neighborhood, city, state, zip code) and telephone numbers.
    Vehicle: plate, year, model, fuel type, chassis and color.
    Manufacturer: code and name.
    Based on this information, develop the Conceptual and Logical Models using the Case BR Model tool and implement your MySQL project with SQL language DDL commands.

    Develop instructions for including at least 5 (five) records for Manufacturer, Vehicle and Branch;
    Develop a color change instruction for a vehicle;
    Develop an instruction to select all white and Fiat brand vehicles, which displays all fields sorting descending by vehicle year;
    Develop an instruction for…