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Selling Sportsbook Affiliate Site with 250 uniques/mo making $50/mo AVG

Discussion in 'Sites' started by John Tang, Oct 11, 2017.

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    I don't have more time for promote my site, so it’s now looking for new owner.

    It's using Drupal 8 last version. Modules are up to date. Here is details:

    - Best security, because of using Drupal 8.
    - Mobile version responsibility
    - Module for auto getting live scores from the Sportsbook API (No fee monthly, saved a lot of money) . The users can importing new Season, e.g Premier League 2017,2018,2019
    - Module for update live scores, the events were played updating every 15 mins
    - Module for detect timezone, for correctly the timezone for the country.
    - Live scores are updated 100% automatically.

    - Premier League
    - League One
    - 1. and 2. Bundesliga
    - Champions League
    - and more, please check from the site.
    - Module for Standings, for e.g
    - Module for the offers, free bets for sportsbook, poker, bingo and casino. The Admin can input the expired date, after its over will automatic hidden.


    - All news, sportsbook review, offers, sportsbook guide are unique contents with SEO optimal.
    All offers are available, you only replace the Aff link ID.

    - Drupal cached, Opcache, APC Cached.
    - Centos Drupal Drush
    - Css by sass

    Incoming - last 12 months

    Last 12 months from intertops

    From 32Red


    What I am selling?

    - Whole sites included domain and VPS hosting.
    (4 GB RAM, 100 GB, backup running every 1 day. Linux centos 6 64 bit.)

    - Twitter.com , Facebook fan page.
    - I will teach you anything for management the site.

    If you love Gambling Industry, I think it's a good website for invest.
    John Tang, Oct 11, 2017 IP
  2. John D

    John D Well-Known Member

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    Why is the income so low in recent months?
    How are costs $0 in the last few months?

    Interested but something doesnt seem right.
    John D, Oct 28, 2017 IP
  3. zigi

    zigi Active Member

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    Still relevant ?
    zigi, Nov 2, 2017 IP