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Speed Test

Discussion in 'Site & Server Administration' started by clancey, Aug 28, 2007.

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    I have been looking for a new place to locate my servers. Budget challenged, I have been looking at economy dedicated servers. I narrowed my search down to five choices -- based on the cost of a dual core server with 2 gigs of RAM. In order to add some objective data to the search I have been conducting speed tests from time to time last evening and since 6AM PST today. I allocated "zero" points for what was judged as a slow response, one point for average and two points for fast. I thought others might find the following results interesting:

    ManageMyBox . . . . . 16
    eSecureData . . . . . . 18
    my DSL connection . . 11
    LayeredTech . . . . . . 2
    ServerBeach . . . . . . 20
    GoDaddy . . . . . . . . . 10

    My test is based on finding a random website which is located at the server farm for the company I am looking at. FYG, my DSL connection is a business DSL with static IP addresses and the ability to run my own servers.

    I am still debating my choice because I will be travelling for a period this fall and the modest amount of management offered by MMB is attractive. Their literature suggests they actively monitor machines to make sure they are running. I would welcome comments on this.
    clancey, Aug 28, 2007 IP
  2. Camay123

    Camay123 Well-Known Member

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    I suggest you get a managed box.

    My server are all semi-managed and it is very great.

    Semi-active means they dont do proactive maintenance. If it is working then they let it as is. As soon as server goes down, they intervene. It relieves me of some stress and save me alot of time.

    I have not done business with any of these company so I cant comment them.
    Camay123, Aug 28, 2007 IP