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Spam Hits Showing in G.A. from seotalk.xyz? Jumping through hoop.

Discussion in 'Google Analytics' started by Karen May Jones, Feb 16, 2019.

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    I've been seeing traffic on my blog that is supposedly coming from seotalk.xyz. I copied and pasted the domain in chrome and it goes through a google hoop, then it lands on a totally different domain. memozing.com
    Bruce Moore wrote an article about this type of spam hit in an article here. These people are shady and wasteful - hope they learn to play nice one day soon. Maybe google can use them as an example on how to stop this behavior.

    I wonder how much time people spend stopping up the google drain with garbage tricks. Obviously it's for loophole advantages. How about some of us who are dedicated to writing and offering legit info stuff... and we get ignored because we aint smart enough to trick google!!!!
    Remember ten/fifteen years ago when we are all on board with trading blog links or listing each other on our LINKS PAGE? heh
    Karen May Jones, Feb 16, 2019 IP