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Space/Science Article Writers Wanted - 1000 word articles

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by incka, Oct 26, 2008.

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    I'm looking to develop my Solar-System.org domain name and thus I'm looking for writers who can write articles that will be about 1000 words each.

    I'm not going to specify a rate, that's up to you, I'll be selecting the writers which have the best examples and at a good rate. So make sure you quote a per word rate and show articles, the more relevant (in size and content!) the better.

    You MUST accept PayPal and be able to communicate by MSN Messenger (for several months at a time I don't have access to AIM,ICQ,Skype,etc).

    Your articles MUST pass copyscape. They must be factually accurate - I will check random facts in them. They must also be readable and have variance in sentence structure. They should also have entertaining trivia or anecdotes in them if possible. They must not just use one source (especially not wikipedia) for their content.

    So what will the articles be on? Here are some example titles.

    The Sun
    The Moon (earth's)
    Moons (in general)
    Meteors and Meteorites
    Dwarf Planets
    The Asteroid Belt
    Oort Cloud
    Scattered Disc
    Kuiper Belt
    Space Shuttles
    Kennedy Space Centre
    International Space Station
    Space Stations
    Satellites (man made)
    Space Exploration
    Space Tourism
    Hubble Space Telescope
    Apollo Program
    Other Solar Systems
    Neil Armstrong

    Presume 1000 words each.

    plus many more, I'll communicate ideas to interested people. I can employ many writers on this - I will want maybe 100,000 words written in total. I also have other projects I will require writers for (food related, science related, literature related, religion related, and more)

    The idea is the articles will be high enough quality to merit links from other scientific websites! If you are a good copywriter this could work as long as you check your facts!

    Posts are preferred over PMs as much easier to keep track of for me (and could get you business from other people too!)
    incka, Oct 26, 2008 IP
  2. Lonnie Paulson

    Lonnie Paulson Peon

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    I have written an article for my company newsletter on the International Space Station. It was about 500 words, I could expand that to 1000 words if interested. I could send you a pdf of the 500 word article I had written to see if you would like me to expand on it.
    Lonnie Paulson, May 17, 2017 IP