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Sorvn reject account and withholding us $28,000

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click Advertising' started by Trota, Oct 10, 2019.

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    We are an Agency that manages inventories of more than 1000 websites with more than 20 Billion impressions per month. We are the directly partner to those website's owners. We are advantage in Header Bidding technology and are partnered with almost the biggest demands in the world like Pubmatic, Rubicon, Appnexus,...

    We are also partnered with FraudLogix to block the IVT traffic when send to demands. So the IVT in our system is very low.

    On 19 July 2019, we registered a publisher account on Sovrn to include more demands for our publishers. After that, we submit our domains to their system to wait for approval. We got approved for 145 domains by their QA team. We then include Sovrn to become a demand on those 145 approved domains.

    The cooperation was good from that time until few days ago. Even, their performance is not quite impressive when compare to our other demands. They represent only a very small part in the overall proportion of revenue of these domains.

    Previously, a man named Dylan from Sovrn contacted us about the discussion to optimize our existing Sovrn account and extend the cooperation.

    On 20 September 2019, they were suddenly denied all these 145 domains with the status below:`Your account is not eligible to use any Sovrn products, and any future site or account submissions will be denied. We're unable to provide further details due to internal privacy policies and third-party contracts. This decision is firm.`

    Right after got this message, we emailed to publisher support of Sovrn. After few days, we did not receive any response from Sovrn, so we sent another email to publisher support and CC Dylan. Then I got a response from Dylan:

    Few days after that, there is no update from Dylan as well the Publisher Support.

    We have not yet received the payment for Aug revenue ($15,181.47). We kept sending some more emails to Publisher Support but no response. Yesterday, we called directly to their office in England and the male supporter asked us to send an email to him:

    Then he forwarded my email to some related departments. We got a response from their QA team:

    They said that our account is disabled and withholding payment with the reason that we violation of their publisher terms and conditions while we only work on the approved website by their QA team. We never violate any terms and conditions of all partner demands, include Sovrn.

    The ending of cooperation with Sovrn does not affect much to us. Sovrn give you the peace in mind that all approved websites are allowed to display ads, but then they withholding payment without any detail explain. It is not just the unprofesional attitude, but the customer fraud. All of us can encouter this situation when working with Sovrn. We are still paying to our publishers without cutting any revenue from them regarding this issue. However, this case will let us know that Sovrn is totally unprofessional.

    We are still following to solve this isue with Sovrn. We will not stop here and will do legal action for them to protect other publishers may encounter this in the future.
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    Trota, Oct 10, 2019 IP
  2. bale

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    From your previous posts seems like you "sell cheap traffic" That's always a question mark on your traffic quality. They probably didn't like your sources so they disabled your account. You can't do much about it.
    bale, Oct 10, 2019 IP