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Someone Bumps my thread, and I get an infraction for bumping a thread!

Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by gocubs19, Mar 16, 2008.

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    I opened a thread to sell a user account two months ago.
    Someone bumped that thread today, and I got an infraction for "Inappropriate Thread" and "Bumping"

    This is truly ridiculous, and what is even better is now I have no proof that I actually didn't bump the thread, since they deleted it.

    Can you please slow down a little, I appreciate you guys keeping the forum clean of crap like that, but just be a little more careful.

    gocubs19, Mar 16, 2008 IP
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  2. MaryMary

    MaryMary Peon

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    #1..your one post said...'still available'

    #2..accidents happen and your infraction has been reversed
    MaryMary, Mar 16, 2008 IP
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