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Some Valuable Adsense Tips

Discussion in 'AdSense' started by reban, Mar 6, 2013.

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    Hey Guys,

    We all want to generate revenue from our website. Adsense plays a key role here and if we are using it properly then we can surely increase our chances to attain the target. Here we are discussing some important Adsense tips that can beneficial for you while using it.
    (1) It is not just the density of keywords which has a major role to earn revenue but it is also necessary to check how we can improve it regularly. Google Adwords Sandbox can assist you to check the complete details and it is beneficial to collect the right tools from here.

    (2) Use your Adsense blocks properly. It is generally favorable to use it at the beginning of your post as well as at the end of your post.

    (3) The ads should be related to other sections like contents and articles. You can submit it to article directories and arrange for a link to the website.

    (4) Pay-per-click advertising can give the desired results. So we should use it appropriately.
    (5) Patience is the key to attain success here. Many times people get impatient as they believe that revenue will start generating immediately as soon as they start the work here. However it is absolutely not like that. You can surely earn revenue but it may take some time. Pay attention towards the content instead of color combination and various other things. You can get the traffic if the content is unique and you are updating it regularly.

    Moreover it will be favorable to use the ad size format of 336*220.
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    reban, Mar 6, 2013 IP
  2. tracidb80

    tracidb80 Greenhorn

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    Does a change in Page Rank cause the earnings to drop?
    tracidb80, Mar 8, 2013 IP
  3. silent_1

    silent_1 Well-Known Member

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    Earning from adsense depends on the number of visits to your site. Also

    · What type of ads you are allowing on your site.

    · Lay out of your website.

    · Positioning and placement of ads.

    · Formatting of ads.

    Sticky content of your site-visitors may want to further research on the specific subject, if your ads are related to the subject of your website; they would force the visitors for clicks.

    I think if you have a good domain name (made of keywords rather general terms) then you don't need to work really hard to get prominent position in search engine results. People always love to stick to top five results of SE. If your site is among those then there are more chances that you will easily attract traffic to your site.
    silent_1, Mar 11, 2013 IP