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Some silly question about adsense. Please Give me Answers...

Discussion in 'AdSense' started by Ramesh8248, Aug 25, 2011.


It is possible to make $100 and more per day in Google Adsense?

Poll closed Sep 4, 2011.
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    Hi friends. Please say me the answer of following question. I know these all are silly question about Adsense :p but I want to confirm.:cool: It will help other new users also. Thanks for your help. Sorry for my English.
    Sorry if I post this in wrong section

    1. Can I open two accounts on Adsense?
    2. Can I open accounts of other users from one same computer and IP address (In Cyber Cafe)?
    3. How many Google pay for per click?
    4. How many Site I can add to Adsense. Any limitation for this?
    5. Can Adsense pay for impressions also?
    6. What I do if anyone click on ads who is scam user. Like hiding IP. Can Adsense banned me? What I do for this?:mad:
    7. Any other PPC program which is best than Adsense.
    8. Can I put other ads with Adsense. (On lot of blog i see that they put other site ads with Google Adsense. like with clicksor or Info Links ). If yes then how? Any condition for that :confused:
    9. It is possible to make $10 and more per day in Adsense?
    10. Can Adsense Approve This Blog :- InstantlyMoney
    11. How many money I can make in one day on Google Adsense?

    If anyone have suggestion then please replay, I want to learn more about Adsense. Please say me free ways only.

    Ramesh8248, Aug 25, 2011 IP
  2. decodethis

    decodethis Well-Known Member

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    It takes effort to get there but $100 is more than feasible. But I don't think you'll get there with the blog you posted, at least not with the content you've got. Post something interesting, not just something that regurgitates common knowledge...

    Most of your questions can be answered by searching this forum. Others before you have asked them and the answers are there for you to discover. Except #10: I don't think the site as it stands will get approved. Show me one thing it provides I can't get elsewhere...
    decodethis, Aug 25, 2011 IP
  3. gerrymedia

    gerrymedia Peon

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    Google pays for impressions on image ads. You cannot open two google accounts under your name, if you have a company you can open a company account aside from your personal.

    You can try Adbrite but they don't have PPC.

    It's possible to make $10 daily with adsense. I've seen a click make me $3.50, so if you're in a good niche, then you can make more than $10 per day.

    The secret, which is no secret, is to build good, SEO friendly, human readable, and useful content.
    gerrymedia, Aug 25, 2011 IP