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Some Ridiculous Activity Is Going On With Me Regarding Activating Google adsense.

Discussion in 'Placement / Reviews / Examples' started by rasel111, Sep 25, 2016.

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    I was trying to develop my career as a freelancer.And I thank DP that the online professionals here are very helpful.From various Thread, i came to a decision to build my own website Zero Review Master.where there will review on multiple niches. and my source of income will be from google Adsense.Actually, I wanted to make a review website.i have taken the category like Business,Entertainment,Technology,Arts,work online.Along with that, I added a shop here where I can sell goods as well. And I am regularly posting content on my website.I have connected with google analytic ,Google Search Console.Finally applied for google Adsense account.Placed the Google Adsense code on my site.Where from the google Adsense I got the email that it will take less than a day to active my account.but It is almost three days but my google Adsense account is not activated yet.I hope lots of new people is facing such problem like me to slove such issue.Since I know lots of Adsense experts are here in DP who can help us with their wise suggestions. Seeking your assistance cordially. The name of my website is Zero Review Master and the website Url is zeroreviewmaster.com .
    rasel111, Sep 25, 2016 IP
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  2. pmf123

    pmf123 Well-Known Member

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    Second approval is over 2 weeks.

    I dont like sites with several unrelated niches
    pmf123, Sep 25, 2016 IP
  3. Furquan Ahmed

    Furquan Ahmed Well-Known Member

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    How you will get approved? when you haven't inserted Google ads on your page. Though I have found 1 thing related to Google AdSense, there are some tags related to page level ads I have tried to test but it seem its not enabled.

    2. If you able to generate page level ads code then might be you have approved in AdSense already.

    PS:- login in AdSense & grab the ads code (not page level ads) & insert the same anywhere in your page & if you are using WordPress as a CMS you could use any AdSense plugin mine favorite is "Easy AdSense Plugin".
    Furquan Ahmed, Sep 25, 2016 IP
  4. Agent000

    Agent000 Notable Member

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    Yes, it takes 2-3 weeks for the second review to happen and then you will be rejected.
    You are never going to get approved for Adsense with that site.
    Poorly written junk with an appalling use of the English language and grammar --> never get Adsense for that sort of junk.
    Agent000, Sep 25, 2016 IP