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Some Recommendations on Mindset Training?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by LouiseV, Sep 8, 2016.

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    I believe in the power of self-improvement and really want to shape up my mindset to make best out of my online business.

    I know there are lots of helpful books for self-improvement and I have read quite a few already. But to increase my learnings, I thought that it maybe is a good idea to participate in a mindset training / program / online course.
    Have you heard about programs or online courses that focus on mindset + habit training for bloggers or do you even know some you can recommend from your own experience?

    Thanks LouiseV
    LouiseV, Sep 8, 2016 IP
  2. Aravision74

    Aravision74 Greenhorn

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    We have the mindset of the 5 people we spend the most time with. So if you listen a lot to top bloggers like John Chow from Johnchowdotcom you will catch their 'virus'. He was an overworked 70 hours a week print shop owner with employee and salary and late paying clients. He started to blog and had banners with affiliate links to tools like hosting companies (Hostgator) autoresponders and landing page capture stuff and that is how he started to make his first (recurring) income.
    The 7 habits of successful people is also excellent de Steven Covey but in any case you can learn but what needs to be done is "put into practice".
    Hope that is useful,
    André Amsing
    Aravision74, Oct 19, 2016 IP