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SocialAdr prefixes on tweets?

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by condra, Jun 20, 2012.

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    I just noticed that my SocialAdr Tweets are prefixed by words like "promo", "ad" or "sponsored".

    Has this always been the case or is this new?

    I'm wondering if Twitter has come up with a way of intercepting SocialAdr tweets...

    condra, Jun 20, 2012 IP
  2. imkane

    imkane Active Member

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    This has always been the case, because we are using the Twitter API legitimately, and following their Terms of Service. We worked directly with Twitter to ensure we complied with their TOS, and part of this meant we had to add to each Tweet, one of:
    • Ad:
    • Promo:
    • Sponsored:
    • #ad
    • #promo
    • #sponsored

    Note that Twitter is the only social site which we add these prefixes/suffixes to.
    imkane, Jun 25, 2012 IP