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Selling Social Web Site Traffic

Discussion in 'Traffic' started by swami2, Aug 14, 2018.



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    I sell social web site traffic, that can be from USA, or Worldwide, only, and it is category targeted. It is delivered from social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit and Stumbleupon).

    The price is $3 per 1000 web site visitors, and the minimum order is 5000 web site visitors!

    I accept only Paypal, as a payment method.

    If you want to order, please PM me, or send me an e-mail, to the next e-mail address:

    Thank you.
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    swami2, Aug 14, 2018 IP
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    How does Social Traffic work?

    For the past few years we have been managing thousands of social media accounts for companies and developing massive accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Stumbleupon and more!

    With these accounts, we are able to reach Millions of very active social media followers every single day. As part of our management agreements, we maintain a 10% share of the advertising rights used to reach these users everyday. We use this ad space (banner ads, status updates and tweets) to draw visitors into our niche targeting pools and then distribute them to the advertisers in that pool.

    For instance, let's say you are selling purses. We may drop a status update related to shopping on our Fashion related fan site with over 3.7 million fans or promote "The latest dating sites" on a singles related twitter account with over 4 million followers.

    If you were to combine the followers and fans into one giant pool, we have the ability to reach over 114,000,000 social media users. Chances are you are a fan or follower of more than one of our managed accounts already.

    For various reasons our Social Media traffic is only available in the US as we manage only English language accounts. Europe and Worldwide will soon be available as well. However, the majority (90%) of the fans/follower base are located in the US, and volumes from other countries were too low to have considerable offerings, but check back often if you are not in the US market.

    Can you promote my link directly?

    Unfortunately no. It is against policy to sell your status space to outsiders. This type of activity gets social media accounts banned. While we can sell the click that was generated from a niche targeted status, we cannot sell the status directly.

    Also by promoting your site directly on a status or tweet belonging to a large company, it may be seen as a type of endorsement from that company about your product or service. You can imagine that athletes and celebrities get paid millions for their endorsements. Directly endorsing your site, without their permission could land all of us in a lot of trouble. Instead we can only post general updates targeted towards a niche of sites, rather than only 1. So if someone is looking to promote a new cooking pan, we would have to say something like "Do you like to cook? Then you are going to love this! We promise. Click Now." This will direct them to your site or another cooking related site in our network.

    Can you tell me what accounts you manage?

    While we would love to, the legal agreements with our clients stop us from doing so. Many of these companies are either publicly held or in the public eye. Either way all of them want to be sure they are covered from every end. Unless we get express written permission from these companies, we have to keep the lid on for now. It is obvious however that the visitors are coming from where you would expect them to. All referrers will show as a mixture of social media platforms or the direct platform you have selected (Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest) etc.

    What are the benefits, of this Social Traffic?

    - All Social Media Visitors are IP Unique, fully trackable and engaged.

    - 100% trackable using Google Analytics and other popular tracking systems.

    Regardless of what you use to track your visitors, we have you covered.

    - 100% verifiable in Webmaster Tools.

    - 100% Google AdSense friendly.

    Since these visitors come directly from high traffic social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, you can rest assured your AdSense ads are safe.

    - Pop ups, exit pops, framebreakers, video and sound are ALL allowed.

    With this traffic, anything goes. With the exception of download prompts and viruses of course.

    - Very low bounce rates (20% or less).

    Social Media visitors are active surfers by nature. Many advertisers are seeing boucne rates near 0%!

    - Social Visitors stay longer.

    Tired of views that only last a little while? Social Visitors stay on the site 3x longer than most other types of surfers.

    Do not delay, order now!
    swami2, Aug 14, 2018 IP