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Selling Social Network with active members

Discussion in 'Sites' started by madox, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. #1
    Domain Creation Date: 2016-02-03
    Alexa Ranking:

    How is it monetized?

    Ads + Pro Packages
    I didn't find a good affiliate program to use and i'm using a-ads since a month ago.
    Total earnings from a-ads 0.00559396 BTC
    Total earnings from Pro packages:
    Paypal : 163$
    Bitcoin: 0.00556000 BTC
    Adsense Earnings before i got my account banned
    About 500$
    NB: the domain is not banned from adsense. But not sure it can be accepted because of the content.

    The issue with this site is you spent more than what you earn and all that because of my bad management.
    The earnings system in the site allow members to earn points to be active. and i did a bad strategy at the beginning to attract people and i got a lot of payment request.
    Anyway i will pay all the pending request before i transfer the site to the buyer. Then you have to find a strategy to continue paying members and at the same time you take benefit from them.

    How much time does this site take to run?
    Few hours

    What challenges are there with running this site?

    This is running since few years and lately i added an earning system on it to allow members to earn points to be active. They are paid for posting commenting etc... The points are converted to real money.

    You can earn from this site by ads and by pro membership.
    Unfortunately i have no time and no good strategy to keep running this site. This site can become popular website but it need some investment.

    The site actually has 27k members

    You can contact me for more details
    madox, Jul 1, 2019 IP
  2. sacko

    sacko Greenhorn

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    good site unfortunately I do not have much money to buy
    sacko, Dec 3, 2019 IP