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Social Bookmarking - Extraordinary Results from only $2.00

Discussion in 'Services' started by adrian88, May 28, 2007.

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    Social Bookmarking - Extraordinary Results from only $2.00

    What is social bookmarking?

    Social Bookmarking is the next best thing in web marketing. As a relatively new concept, it can produce outstanding results.

    What can social bookmarking do for you?

    Boost your traffic - People go to these popular sites and they see your website.

    Backlinks - You know how Google, Yahoo and other search engines love back links. I know of someone who got a PR7 link from a social bookmarking engine Wow!

    How can you be a part of this new development?

    We offer several services to help your websites boost the potential it deserves, to allow you to fulfill your goals and objectives of your web project.

    Submission to five social bookmarking sites.

    Del.icio.us PR 8/10 Alexa 159*
    Furl.net PR 7/10 Alexa 3,166*
    Ma.gnolia.com PR 7/10 Alexa 7,117*
    Bluedot.us PR 6/10 Alexa 12,259*
    De.liro.us PR 6/10 Alexa 52,009*

    Each of these sites are ranked very high on Google as well as Alexa. Many clients of mine have praised this service for the quantity and quality of valuable links and traffic.


    $2.00 per URL. That's only $0.40 for each high PR social bookmarking engine. Payment via PayPal. No credit/debit please.

    What will we need?

    Tags (Optional)
    Descriptions (Optional)

    Thanks for taking the time to review this offer. Any questions, please contact us. Thanks!!
    adrian88, May 28, 2007 IP
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    Pls PM details.
    wservers, May 28, 2007 IP
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