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Selling So I have this project that I want you to try...

Discussion in 'Services' started by warnor, Jun 27, 2013.



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    Hi Folks,

    After getting incredible success of our first thread we’ve Decided to come back with even more white hat awesomeness.

    We all know how Guest Posts are meant to be done. Let’s be honest, how many of you are taking cheap shortcuts? Did you really think that $10 or $15 would get you a legitimate, white hat guest post?

    Did you really think these cheap “guest posts” and web 2.0 pyramids were going to survive Penguin 2.0? Grab this opportunity to start doing true legit white hat seo, before it's too late!

    We are pleased to introduce the only genuine high end guest post service on the forum. We get you links from REAL BLOGS maintained by REAL PEOPLE... which is the REAL DEAL! These blogs are not a part of any blog Network or any link farm. We manually outreach them.
    This is Real Guest Posting!
    Your Story:-

    You buy some links on the forums and 9/10 times the service sucks RIGHT?. How can you promise reports to your clients if you can't rely on the link provider to deliver on time.

    Our Promise:-

    You will never have to worry about this when you're dealing with us. We "GET" it! We are an established Guest Posting provider with extra capacity.

    GOOGLE Wants Quality CONTENTS:-

    We all know the importance of quality content but how seriously do most link building services really take that? Practically all services still treat content as an afterthought! We have a team dedicated to understanding content trends online, ensuring your guest post content gets more shares and traffic.

    We always discuss about the topics with the blog owners. If a blog owner is picky about the content they want on their site, that usually means it's a higher quality site - exactly what we want! We also add 2-3 relevant images to all our Guest Posts to make them look nicer.

    Additionally, we use natural co-citations and resources. Before you ask, no we won't link to your competitors by accident because we actually do some research into your industry during the content phase.

    How it works?
    • In Depth content! (Content to be proud of)
    • UK/US writer team
    • Content Trend Team + Proper Content Brainstorming
    • Content development discussion with blogger
    • Image/s added to the post
    • Resources/Co-citations without linking to your competitors
    • Yes, it's real outreach!
    You all know about the process of guest posting so I don’t want to take your more time.

    What niches/categories do you allow?
    We allow all niches except porn, gambling, drugs of any kind and anything illegal.

    Can I give my own content?
    Yes you can but sometimes, it's harder to get genuine, quality guest posts. So i'm insisting to let us write guest posts.

    Do you guarantee PR?
    We find DA is a better measure. most sites we use have PR2+ anyway. If you ask it, we can change our DA20+ guarantee for a PR2+.

    How relevant will the blog be on my site?
    Relevancy is a difficult aspect to quantify. If you have a car insurance site, we might get you a guest post on a car blog or on a finance blog. If you have a travel insurance site, we might get you a guest post on a travel blog or on a finance blog. We will exercise a bit of discretion here, while always trying to get you the highest quality sites possible.

    Do you guarantee social shares?
    We can't guarantee about social shares but we will try to maximize it and make your post viral.

    Are the links follow or nofollow?

    Where is the link placed?
    Yes! Make it natural, We allow anchor text in the author bio only. Because most of the bloggers won't allow link in content.

    Can you do large quantities?
    Yes, please PM to discuss.

    Pricing & TAT:-
    1 Guest post - $40 – 3 days
    1-5 Guest posts - $35 – 9 days
    5-10 Guest post- $30 – 18 days
    Remember that you will get what you pay for
    Place your order via:-
    Gmail Id:-
    Gtalk:- warnor81​
    Skype:- warnor81​
    Payment mode:-
    Payment will be via paypal only.​
    The Best,
    warnor, Jun 27, 2013 IP
  2. warnor

    warnor Active Member

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    warnor, Jun 27, 2013 IP
  3. flanagan

    flanagan Banned

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    This is just real shit, Trust me. :)
    For those of you don't know about the guest posting, Warnor is a real example for them. He finds real blogs which are maintained by real people and makes the magic happen.

    :) Speed
    For 2 guest posts, he took 6 days but i am ok with it as it's not a race for me and i got the real and quality stuff that all i wanted.

    :) Communication
    I really appreciate him for the constant Skype support and he gave answers of all the questions.

    :) Quality
    Everything I need is there. This is the whole other league of quality and service so you guys won't be disappointed.
    flanagan, Jun 27, 2013 IP
  4. warnor

    warnor Active Member

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    Thanks Flanagn for the lovely review.


    warnor, Jun 27, 2013 IP