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smtp server for cold emails

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by Alex Petrus, Sep 7, 2019.

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    I am looking for something similar to sendgrid.com but that are able to send cold emails, not subscriber based email delivery.

    I have a list of 50k emails, mostly yahoo and gmail and i need a decent delivery rate.

    Alex Petrus, Sep 7, 2019 IP
  2. NetStar

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    So the question is you need an SMTP server to SPAM. Services that provide a marketing platform will most likely not be your best options. You should get a server with your own IP addresses. Then use a mail script that will email your list slowly across a 30 day window with a few variations of your email. That should help you.

    50k emails to spam isn't a lot to be honest. The return is probably going to be near non-existent. Back in the day when you could get away with spamming I scraped Google Results for relevant keywords to compile a list of 200k emails. I targeted MySpace pages cached on Google matching @hotmail, @gmail, @Yahoo, @aol etc. I thought I was quite slick. I had 10 IP addresses and a wrote 10 versions of my email. I created a script execute by cron 20 times a day to send emails out to my list. I even had about 20 of my own email addresses throughout the list seeded to check delivery. My script ran for 90 days slow and steady. Every seeded test email was delivered to the inbox. It worked. 3 people signed up hahaha... I made $0.

    If you're wondering why it's quite easy to figure out. They don't know you or care! Most people in 2019 do NOT bother checking their emails anymore. They also get a hundred of RELATIVE emails a day from companies and people they DO want to hear from (ebay, amazon, etc). Your email will be lost among the thousands of email from strangers, scammers, and people they don't want to hear from. And if they happen to notice your email and it catches their interest they may open but most likely will immediately go back to whatever thing they are doing. Gone are the days where you sit down on the PC to go through your emails. They will see it while driving then the light will turn green. You are forgotten.
    NetStar, Sep 14, 2019 IP