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Buying Skilled Video Editor Wanted

Discussion in 'Design' started by moneyfor_u, Aug 4, 2019.

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    I run a popular aviation YouTube channel and I'm looking for a skilled video editor to edit 10-15 videos per month.
    Videos are generally 10-15 minutes long. You will be supplied with raw footage, audio files and logos via Google Drive.

    I have a budget per video or we can have a set monthly payment agreement.
    If interested, please comment or send me sample of your work and how to best reach you. Thank you.
    moneyfor_u, Aug 4, 2019 IP
  2. Scure

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    I'm interested in this. I have experience with Adobe After Effects and Premiere. I can do coloring, stabilizing, various special effects if needed and of course i have experience in cutting videos.

    You can reach me in email . I want to show you my reference work there. Or you can already send some of your videos with description and i can show you my skills.
    Scure, Aug 5, 2019 IP