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Sitemap Errors That Shouldn't happen???

Discussion in 'Google Sitemaps' started by wandersonseattle, Apr 13, 2006.

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    I am getting the following error message as of 4/13/06 in my google sitemap account:
    http://www.digitalworktools.com/human_resources/plans_processes_procedures/gener... In Sitemap Web 404 not found Apr 11

    The problem is this:

    My sitemap was just downloaded today by Google, as it is almost every day, and hasn't changed in months. This particular URL hasn't been in my sitemap for months so:

    a) why is google trying to crawl it? and
    b) why is it telling me "in site map" when it hasn't been there in months?

    Any help is appreciated ;)
    wandersonseattle, Apr 13, 2006 IP
  2. AmmoX

    AmmoX Guest

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    Yep I've had a couple of those in the last week as well. Couple things I've noted.

    The bad links say that they are found in the sitemap.
    The links aren't in the sitemap (and haven't been for a while)
    The links are indexed, more directly had been in the past.

    I had a forum up for a while that has since been removed on one of my sites. The registration page must have been a phantom ever since. I've 301'd the page but it still shows up in goog.

    A week or so ago the robots.txt files had been reindexed, as has happened before. Following that the indexed dead links showed up again.

    I would imagine that very soon we will see another type of link in the error pages tab. We'll have "In Sitemap" and "Not In Sitemap".

    Remember that this is all part of ensuring the accuracy of the indexed pages.
    AmmoX, Apr 18, 2006 IP