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Site validation

Discussion in 'Co-op Advertising Network' started by zerxer, May 19, 2009.

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    "Site failed automatic validation as of 2009-05-19 (make sure URL and site type is correct - if everything is correct, make a request in the forum for assistance)."

    I'm not sure if my type of site is not allowed or what but I have all the code in the footer properly. I'm new to this network so I could be a little lost or not understanding something properly. Please let me know.


    Also, if I want to add the network ads to another site (gpxplus.net) and if it's a site that's allowed, would I have to create a new account and just easily bind it to my first one?
    EDIT: I figured it out. It was due to our .htaccess redirecting that url to http://www.gtsplus.net/main. I just had to update my URL in the settings to that one since I guess it doesn't follow the redirect. Anyways, I hope someone will still answer my other question about putting them on another site. I would also put them on our forums @ http://forums.gtsplus.net/. Thanks.
    zerxer, May 19, 2009 IP