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"Site Suspended-This Site has stepped out for a bit"

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by sunilchand1234, Apr 1, 2016.

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    Guys please help me ..Most of the my client websites not opening and they are showing following error ""Site Suspended-This Site has stepped out for a bit"

    One of the my client website is wondershaper(dot)in

    Solved! View solution.
    sunilchand1234, Apr 1, 2016 IP
  2. SolidBriks

    SolidBriks Active Member

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    It seems your websites hosted on GoDaddy and being a web host its easy to determine that GoDaddy has suspended your hosting account with them. You can contact them via email or call toll free number 1800-121-0111 because you are from India. Please keep your customer ID can support PIN ready while calling for support
    SolidBriks, Apr 1, 2016 IP
  3. sunilchand1234

    sunilchand1234 Active Member

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    How much time it will take to recover my websites ? any idea , how to recover them.. Will GoDaddy solve this problem
    sunilchand1234, Apr 2, 2016 IP
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    It depends on the problem. Your site may be suspended for any number of reasons, for instance
    • non payment of hosting fees
    • running warez
    • running scripts that overload the server
    • running scripts that are causing problems on other servers
    • exceeding bandwidth (does that still happen?)
    • experiencing ddos attacks
    Until your client talks to GoDaddy (and they probably have a local number) you won't know. And until the problem is resolved you won't know how long it will take to lift the suspension (instant? cron job needs to run? something else?)
    sarahk, Apr 2, 2016 IP
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  5. JDMS

    JDMS Greenhorn

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    Whilst I like GoDaddy as my domain registrar, I wouldn't dream of hosting my sites with them. Once you have your sites back up and running, it may be worth your while to transfer those sites to another host like Hostgator.

    As already mentioned, host companies can restrict or even close your account if you are in breach of any of their TOS or your use of bandwidth is heavy. However, whilst Hostgator has its own set of issues since they were bought out, I think if I had to choose between the two, I'd go with Hostgator.

    Hostgator is owned by an Indian company - Indurance International Group. They have set up Hostgator India. Don't know if it's as reliable as Hostgator US but you could look into that.

    Transferring sites to another host account is not difficult. In fact, Hostgator tech support will be able to help you. They have telephone tech support as well as live chat in addition to email.

    I hope you manage to resolve your problems with GoDaddy.
    JDMS, Apr 2, 2016 IP