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Site review/redesign- changes I wish to make- feedback?

Discussion in 'Design' started by gazzafat, Feb 12, 2016.

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    Hi everyone,
    So I am currently on version 2 of my website, but I have been doing a lot of research on competitor sites pages and I think it needs still more work. I want it to be the absolute best it can be in terms of conversions.

    This is my site:


    I already have done a bit of research in terms of what I think I should change, so this is my proposal

    -I think I should remove the block/gap at the top where the header text appears I had originally thought of making the H1 heading transparent though I think the bit the top is just distracting and looks ugly.

    -I think I have too many words around the left of the form and above the logos it looks cluttered- what do you think? Also I think I could pick better fonts for these words- any suggestions?

    -I want to maybe cut up the steps 1,2,3 Graphic, and place at it at top before the form itself near the heading, so the steps appear horizontally, lengthwise.

    -Regarding the form- I am wondering whether I should reshape it so it also cuts across horizontally, so wider but much less deep, rather than as it is as a giant block. I am also considering making a special version of the form which folds/unfolds (I have seen this on a competitor site and it looks really good) And then shift "we do the work" upwards to fill in the.

    -Move "people like you" and "about us" to separate pages completely via clickable links.

    -Move to the linked page sections right to the top: Home Why Health Insurance About Us FAQ's Terms and Conditions Contact Us

    Any thoughts on this & general comments about the site?
    gazzafat, Feb 12, 2016 IP