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Buying Site Clone in Wordpress

Discussion in 'Programming' started by LindseyInteractive, Aug 31, 2020.

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    Hello, we are looking to get a clone of the following website, but built in wordpress.


    We would like the same functions the site has which are located below:
    • Homepage Functions, that allow for you to click on a Project and it pull up a full screen with the ability to put in link, video, background image and description.
    • Projects - Allow us to have different categories of projects that we can create and choose rather they go on the home page there or not, and then when they are on their own individual pages they act the same way as they do on the home page.
    • Artist page - be able to show all the artist, just like is done on their artist page and link it to a specific link that we want it to go to, but should be able to pull up a full page as well like with the projects.
    If you can create a clone of this site, please provide us with a quote and turn around time.
    LindseyInteractive, Aug 31, 2020 IP
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