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Selling Simple, clean, privacy-friendly analytics (SaaS)

Discussion in 'Sites' started by lakshikagayal, Feb 22, 2021.

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    Why are you selling this site?
    This is what I do most of the time. I usually build starter sites and sell them.

    How is it monetized?
    Given that this website costs virtually nothing to operate, any revenue made is pure profit. Analyzz is a SaaS platform. Therefore it can be monetization through either subscription or advertisements. At the time, Analyzz has two paid plan for its users. You can either add more plans or edit them through Analyzz's admin panel.

    There is an on-going LTD on AppSumo which getting sales every day.

    Does this site come with any social media accounts?
    Yes. You will be given access to Analyzz's official Facebook and Twitter accounts.
    How much time does this site take to run?
    Analyzz runs itself through cronjobs. Basically, it's on auto-pilot.

    Executive Summary

    If you operate a website or sell things online, you know how valuable it is to understand each visitor's journey It pays to know how people engage with your site — how else will you be able to optimize it to convert more visitors into buyers? Understanding customer behavior is crucial for any entrepreneur — the question is how to get it. There are a lot of tools out there, but not many as simple, streamlined, and straightforward as Analyzz

    Analyzz lets you figuratively look over your customers' shoulders online as they shop, buy, register, or click on anything. You can check the path each visitor took to reach a certain destination, record sessions in real-time, and look at heatmaps and analytics to understand what users use most on your website.

    The best thing about Analyzz is that we provide two tracking methods, one being fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, PECR and no tracking consent needed.

    Analyzz works on thousands of platforms. The setup requires a simple copy and paste and you're good to go! - Your customers can monitor any of their websites.
    • Wordpress
    • Wix
    • Joomla
    • Squarespace
    • Shopify
    • Weebly
    • WooCommerce
    • and more (you name it!)
    Analyzz can easily be in the fight with other biggest providers out there. Analyzz has it all and it's all automated.
    • No maintenance cost.
    • No need for expensive servers (Can be run on Shared Hosting and that will only cost you around $20 max per year)
    • No need to spend much time maintaining the site. [100% Autopilot]
    • No physical products sale and purchase.
    • Easy to promote on Google ads, Facebook and Instagram
    • 100% customizable, Clean, and developed by the latest codes.
    Features of Analyzz
    • Visitor Behavior: Check each visitors path & what they are doing on your site without intruding on their privacy
    • Session Recording: See your visitors journey - what they click, where they’re going & what they like and do not understand
    • Heatmaps: Understand which parts are the most used by a collection of users on your website
    • Analytics: Get a clean & simple interface w/ easy to understand analytics
    • Real-Time Data: Check how many users are online, which devices are the most popular & what pages are most accessed
    • Privacy: Unlike other analytics platforms, we don't use your data. You control your data.
    What's included in the sale?
    • Brand assets (Logos, covers, etc)
    • Hosting accounts
    • Domain name
    • Website files, source code, and content
    • Post-sale support
    lakshikagayal, Feb 22, 2021 IP