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Silverlight website isn't working in Domain Environment

Discussion in 'Security' started by pukhtoogle, Nov 5, 2012.

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    I am running Server 2003 and client as Windows 7. I am trying to log-in to a website ( openjet.damanhealth.ae ). If my PC is running as Workgroup, I can log-in to the website and everything works normal. But when I join domain, the same website doesn't allow me to log-in and the error message appears as "User credentials are invalid". It looks like the website is failed in some authentication process. Even after dis-joining the same PC from domain, back to Workgroup, I am still unable to log-in.

    Do I need to make some settings in the Group Policies? Right now I am running the Server with all default policies. No extra settings done in GP. What can be the changes Server has made in the client PC to stop working?
    pukhtoogle, Nov 5, 2012 IP
  2. iceh

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    The networking is bit complicated in windows 7, You need to go to the advance sharing options and need to modify some options from there to get ease from connectivity issues.
    iceh, Dec 20, 2012 IP