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Should you connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts?

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by Paul Dilley, Dec 8, 2013.

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    Connecting Facebook and Twitter might seem to be an efficient and time-saving process. Just concentrate on posting to Facebook and whatever you post will populate your Twitter account with no extra effort. Seems cool, doesn’t it.

    I don’t know if you are already doing this. If you are then you are doing social media marketing all wrong. Facebook and Twitter are two different animals and they should be treated in different manners. Connecting the two giant media will do nothing but hurt your authority image.

    Following are 4 reasons that show you how bad it is to connect Facebook to Twitter.

    1) If your followers become aware of the fact that you are connecting your Facebook account to Twitter then there will be a very little incentive for them to visit your Twitter account to follow up what you are posting. This will lead to diminishing Twitter following and engagement.

    Moreover, you end up concentrating and managing only Facebook and you will be neglecting all forms of communication and engagement with your Twitter followers, which will lead to even more disengagement from their side.

    2) It is unauthentic. People expect authentic material to be posted on the medium that thy follow. Connecting Facebook to Twitter shows that your posts are repetitive and that you have no idea about how to deal separately with each medium. This will be a bad mark for your authority.

    3) It is annoying to many people. It is well known to everybody that Twitter only allows 140 characters, while Facebook allow up to 5000 characters per post. When you post something on Facebook it shows as links in Twitter, no description is provided. In addition, photos will show something like “I posted a new photo on Facebook”, which is incredibly annoying.

    4) Engagement is lost. It was observed that whenever a person connects Facebook and Twitter he will lose Twitter engagements and ultimately he will lose this social medium as a marketing platform.

    Now that you know that connecting Facebook and Twitter has such a negative effect you should start treating each one as a different creature and you should start thinking of managing and posting to each one differently.
    Paul Dilley, Dec 8, 2013 IP