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Should I use no-follow in the main Menu for SEO optimization

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by Amy Bella, Jun 26, 2019.

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    Hi Friends!

    I have made links to my home page. I don't want Google to pass link juice to other pages like "About Us" "Login" "Testimonial" etc.

    Is it good to put No-follow links in the menu for these pages?
    Please let me know if you are really sure about something.

    Thank you.
    Amy Bella, Jun 26, 2019 IP
  2. kjh-08

    kjh-08 Well-Known Member

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    There's no need to worry about those pages getting one link each from the homepage. Won't make any difference.
    kjh-08, Jun 27, 2019 IP
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  3. johneva

    johneva Well-Known Member

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    Internal linking like that wont make a difference unless your talking about making the change over hundreds or thousands of pages, even then its minimal I would say.
    johneva, Jun 28, 2019 IP
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  4. dvduval

    dvduval Notable Member

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    I just look to examples from other sites like Healthline that are doing awesome on Google and have huge menus. Probably more important is which links appear higher on the page/menu.
    dvduval, Jun 28, 2019 IP
  5. Amy Bella

    Amy Bella Peon

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    Hi, Thanks @kjh-08, @johneva, @dvduval

    Probably I have not elaborated on my concern clearly.

    As for as I know -
    • Every Page has its Authority and backlink value
    • Its link value further gets distributed to all its outbound links (*if these are do-follow)
    • The home page also has good link value (*we generally make more backlinks to the home page)
    • The menu is part of every page and every post of our website
    Now the concern is:

    Let say a page has 60 Link value and it has 6 internal page links. Then each page will get 10 link value.
    60/6 = 10
    And if this has just 2 internal links then each page will get 30 link value.
    60/2 = 30 (*More link juice = Greater chance to rank higher)

    Now if I don't want to rank for my contact us page, testimonial page and use no-follow for that, I think that is a good practice.

    Please suggest.
    Amy Bella, Jul 1, 2019 IP
  6. Don Jackson

    Don Jackson Peon

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    Bottom line "Don't Do This" !!
    Let me explain how link juice is pass around.

    You can't save link juice. Don't try. What you are wanting to do is call Page Rank Sculpting and Google took care of that back around 2009.

    Never use "no follow" on links to inner pages of your site. This is a Very Big Mistake and Bad Idea. You want to pass that juice around your site as much as you can. The more pages you have the more link juice you can have.

    Every link on a page is counted, this includes links marked no follow and links not marked no follow. You then divide your link juice by the total number of all links on the page. So if your page has 60 link juice value you would divide it by the total number of links on your page. The total number of links includes all links in your main navigation, all links in your content, and all links in your footer. If it is a link of any kind it is counted. This even applies to Social Media Links to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., etc..

    So for grins and giggles, lets say the total number of all links your your home page is 10.
    Then the equation becomes 60/10= 6.
    Lets say you make 5 of them no follow
    Then the equation is still 60/10=6
    Marking the link no follow will have zero effect on the amount of link juice passed !!!!

    All you are doing is reducing the link juice flow around and through your site. You are causing ranking problems for yourself with this line of thinking.

    The only real way to sculpt the passed juice is to reduce the number of links leaving the page. But if you do that you will have be removing links to inner pages, thus you make those pages orphan pages and then you will have ranking problems. Not to say how frustrating it will be to someone looking for a contact page link and can't find one.
    Don Jackson, Jul 9, 2019 IP
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  7. Abby Jace

    Abby Jace Peon

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    Yes you should use no-follow links but 35% remaining 65% are must be Do-Follow.
    Abby Jace, Sep 25, 2019 IP
  8. verocloud

    verocloud Member

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    IMO that's an overkill. Nofollow was not invented and intended for such use. The only entity that is really sure about this is Google.
    verocloud, Jan 8, 2020 IP
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  9. JEET

    JEET Notable Member

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    I'll go with Don Jackson on this.
    Don't do this.
    Its like your own domain is telling google, next page on my own domain is a bad page...

    No follow was launched so that people can link to advertiser's websites or spammy comments without fearing a penalty by google.
    Like if a spammer commented on one of your post, linked his crappy website from the comment, but the link is a nofollow link, so google will not put a penalty on your website.

    When you are using nofollow on your own internal webpages, you are shouting from a roof top, my own website is spammy!

    Secondly, I don't think that even google is paying any serious attention to that nofollow tag anymore...
    I have "definitely" seen google "quickly" indexing new webpages, which were linked from quality outside domains, even if the link was a nofollow link.
    The new homepage was not yet indexed, but the new internal page was indexed even though the quality website linking to it had a nofollow tag.

    I think this was probably something experimental, and google had already dropped the experiment 10 years back itself, but the myths in SEO live on!
    JEET, Jan 8, 2020 IP