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Shopify or Woocommerce with Stripe

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by Caryl, Sep 21, 2019.

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    I have an long running (nearly 20 years) ecommerce store that does high 6 figures a year. We've had increasing problems with our self-hosted ecommerce software, and are looking to move to a new platform. I've narrowed it down to woocommerce and shopify. The website has two active blogs with over 300 posts each and good traffic. We're adept at wordpress. The site ranks extremely well for some of our keywords and SE traffic is important. Woocommerce is attractive because it is self-hosted and with very little redirecting I could build the shopping cart around our current shopping cart url structure. If we used shopsite, I would likely maintain the blogs on our current domain and add a new domain mysitenamestore, and redirect the current store urls to the new domain. This splits our current SEO efforts between two sites. I'm guessing I would see a loss in rank for the original site.
    The only reason that shopify is in the running is because it appears to take care of so many things I currently have to do (security, pci compliance, etc), and shopify payments cc rates are pretty good.
    Suggestions?? Thank-you!
    Caryl, Sep 21, 2019 IP
  2. mayamisra

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    I think you should stick with woo-commerce with stripe as there are many big e-commerce stores powered by woo-commerce and if you still want to transfer your store then take help from any developer or Shopify agency they will help you to transfer all things without losing rank.
    mayamisra, Sep 23, 2019 IP