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[Shopify] gamified pop-up alternative

Discussion in 'Websites' started by alkubot, Jul 29, 2021.

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    Hi everyone,We would love to get your feedback!
    We are developing a gamified pop-up alternative that lets visitors play for their discounts by inviting them for a haggling session.
    You only need to choose the products and the maximum percentage of discount that Alkubot can offer for the visitors throughout the haggling sessions. During our beta, we found out that it is especially effective with webshops with dedicated Clearance/Sale/Outlet pages but also can be used on any page that you can think of, even as a cart abandonment recovery solution.
    We would love to get your feedback so we can create a plugin that the Shopify community wants and loves.
    Link: https://www.alkubot.com/
    alkubot, Jul 29, 2021 IP
  2. deathshadow

    deathshadow Acclaimed Member

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    Illegible colour contrasts violating accessibility minimums, goofy thin glyph fonts and excessively light font-weights, and a painfully slow page-load due to too many separate files... do I smell bootcrap before I even look at the code?

    Oh yes, scroll down and there it is. "Every bootcrap site ever". Go find a stick to scrape that off with before you go tracking it all over the web's carpets.

    237k of CSS spanning 11 files on a site that likely doesn't warrant more than 48k in one file, probably closer to 24k in practice.

    3.48 MEGABYTES of script-tard jQuery BS when at first inspection at MINIMUM 2/3rds of what's being done has no business being scripted.

    25k of markup for 2.56k of plaintext and a half dozen content images, not even 8k of HTML's job.

    Typical broken inaccessible wreck I've come to expect from copy-paste developers who use frameworks because they don't know enough HTML or CSS to have any business building websites.

    My advice, throw it away and start over from scratch once you understand accessibility minimums and how to use HTML properly. Here's a big tip: If you're learning from Bootcrap's examples, you're not learning how to use HTML properly.
    deathshadow, Aug 6, 2021 IP