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Selling Shopify For Sale Websites Design Business - Make 1743$ Profit Per Wekk OutSourced

Discussion in 'Sites' started by dude55, Jun 19, 2019.

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    Shopify  is now the preferred choice of platform in the multi-billion dollar eCommerce space. Literally every business online, small or big, requires a website to sell their products online. It is a never ending pie of money and now you have a chance to grab a piece of that pie on an ongoing basis.

    All you need to do is be the middle man. The only attribute you need is reasonable communication skills.

    No headaches, all websites sold are sent to your customers direct from your supplier.

    This site comes with an unlimited supply of Shopify eCommerce websites.

    When a customer purchases a website you simply place the order with the supplier, and they deliver the order direct to your customer and take care of all the aftersales service.

    You are left with with $249 net profit per sale.

    Frequent questions about the Shopify eCommerce Sites

    Questions that your prospective customers will ask..get to know the answers!

    What types of sites do you build?

    1.We can build a site specifically for your business, with the current physical products that you stock and sell..in this case you will need to supply the product images and descriptions.

    2. Most Common - We can build a dropshipping site on which we import products/images from Aliexpress. Aliexpress is the biggest dropshipping supplier in the world. Aliexpress Dropshipping sites are built with the Oberlo plugin for importing and managing products. When we hand your site over to you, can add additional products using this plugin. You just need to open a Free Oberlo account and connect it to your shopify store. We can assist with this. Oberlo will allow you to import up to 500 products free of charge. Oberlo is also used for live updates to your site and managing and processing deliveries. Products added to your site with Oberlo are usually those which have ePacket shipping and high satisfaction ratings which increases customer satisfaction.

    How does Dropshipping with Aliexpress actually work on Shopify?

    As the owner of a Shopify Dropshipping Website, the only work on your side is to place the order and provide tracking if you prefer….about 10seconds per sale when you get used to it.

    EG. You sell an item on your website for $20. You enter the customer’s details in your Aliexpress account (a regular customer account) and pay $5, then Aliexpress sends the item direct to your customer. $15 profit. Packaging sent direct to your customer contains no invoice, logo or pricing details.

    This process is semi-automated using Oberlo. This is a good video explaining the process:


    As a Seller of Shopify eCommerce Websites Your Market is Massive:

    Now you can be the middle man taking a healthy profit from each site sale without the hassle of running a portfolio of sites yourself. An online Realtor - in effect.

    This reseller site is a cash cow for anyone who has reasonable communication skills and the ability to follow simple Marketing Materials to get traffic and sales.

    If you can generate just one sale per day from this reseller site you are looking at an income of $249x7=$1743 per week.

    This is achievable.

    If you can get your site heading Viral, you could be doing around 10 sales per day, that is $17,430.

    Profit Margin:

    eCommerce OR Custom Package

    Site Cost $200

    Sell $449

    Profit $249

    You will get permanent wholesale pricing access to these Shopify eCommerce Sites if you want to purchase and run sites yourself. Not a Problem!

    So what do I have to do after I purchase this site?

    You generate traffic to your site by following the Marketing Materials included in the sale. Professional Marketers are now using Social Media Strategies to quickly get traffic that converts to sales. You will have access to all of this. As well as access to trusted suppliers that you can outsource some of your marketing activities to. This will save time and get you moving towards your sales goals quicker.

    So how does it work again?


    A browser goes to the purchase page on your site – impressed by the content. They complete a purchase via PayPal and you receive the funds in your PayPal Account immediately that is, $449.


    You contact the Supplier and provide your customer’s details including their Name, Email & Order Details. The Supplier takes over the communication with your customer, designing and delivering a Shopify eCommerce website which suites their needs.

    You are left with $249 Profit.

    This can all happen within 72hours, your customer will be blown away by the speed and quality of the service. And we handle all the after sales service that is required.

    Get your site heading VIRAL and you could be selling 10 sales per day, each taking a matter of minutes to process.

    The supplier has a team of developers so you can be rest assured that we can handle as much work as you can provide.

    All you need to do is concentrate on getting your site generating traffic. There are advanced marketing materials to help you with this.

    Operate from anywhere in the world!

    A modest forecast for this site of 10 sales per week would produce around $1,743 Net Profit per week with ability to grow sales further as your sites develops a following.

    This site offers massive resale potential or keep as a cash cow.

    What are you getting when you purchase this site?

    This site comes with Free Hosting Permanently so you have No Ongoing Expenses. You will have full Cpanel access to the hosting and we can also move the site to your hosting free of charge is required.

    All you need as is a free godaddy account so we can transfer the domain name to your registrar so you own it together with the site.

    You Get:

    Premium domain name

    Premium design

    Marketing Materials

    Social Media Marketing Guide

    Operational Guide (what to do when you make a sale)

    Tawk.to Setup

    This is an excellent site and solid opportunity for an eCommerce entrepreneur and you don’t need to be experienced!    
    dude55, Jun 19, 2019 IP