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Selling Service to build Auto Amazon / Auto Clickbank Store

Discussion in 'Services' started by bamstk090, Feb 11, 2012.

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    What's the benefits of AutoAmazon / AutoClickbank Store?
    1. It's run an autopilot, getting & collecting money by the blog self, so you can get sleep & nice dreams.
    2. Can be put Infolinks, Adsense, CPA & other programs that makes money.
    3. Good for your arsenal of addition make money online.
    4. You don't need time consume to pick good products to sell.
    5. You don't need setting up landing pages.
    6. You don't need looking content for reviews.
    7. Update post amazon/clickbank product automatically each day, surely with your affiliate link in it.

    sample auto amazon store :
    1. http://www.hotsmartphones.com
    2. http://extreme-deals.co.uk
    3. http://www.specialtylures.com
    4. http://handheldpowertools.com

    Sample auto clickbank store :

    Q: how much does it cost to order?
    A: only $ 50 payment via: PAYPAL (verify only) same for amazon and clickbank

    Q: what needs to be prepared?
    A: The domain and hosting (which support autoblog) already installed wordpress and amazon affiliate account.

    Q: What if I do not have a domain and hosting?
    A: I can help buy the domain and hosting and then make it auto amazon store

    Q: how long the manufacturing process?
    A: less than 3 days or depending on the number of orders

    What you have to do for make auto amazon store :
    1. Give me access to your wp login admin.
    2. Amazon Details : Tracking ID, API Access Key ID, Secret Key
    3. category product that you want to sell

    What you have to do for make auto clickbank store :
    1. Give me access to your wp login admin.
    2. Give me your Clickbank ID so you never miss the commissions.
    3. Give me shrinktheweb login, so the MONSTER can grab the thumbnails of Clickbank products.
    4. category product that you want to sell

    Review :
    bamstk090, Feb 11, 2012 IP
  2. bamstk090

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    Special Price for 5 first customer and must give review at this thread
    auto amazon store = $35
    auto clickbank store = $40

    new amazon store for today = anime store
    bamstk090, Feb 11, 2012 IP